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The City Project Equal Justice, Democracy, and Livability for All

Will the trickle become the L.A. River? And for whom? Tom Hayden

The Los Angeles River (Photo: The City Project, 2004)

Peace and Justice Resource Center

The backstory on how Mayor Eric Garcetti succeeded in winning $1 billion for the LA River Restoration is a fascinating lesson in politics.. . .  [President Barack Obama] opened the White House and agency doors to the young mayor, and...

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American Journal of Public Health - First, Do No Harm: US Sexually Transmitted Disease Experiments in Guatemala

Q & A with Michael Rodriguez and Robert Garcia: First, Do No Harm. AJPH Talks.
English / Español

First, Do No Harm, a commentary piece written by Michael A. Rodriguez and Robert Garcia, examines the unethical practices and procedures practiced by the U.S. Government during the 1940s, when U.S. doctors and medical...

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